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Garrett Hedlund confirms Kristen Stewart screen kiss for On the Road

Garrett Hedlund admits he gets a chance to kiss co-star Kristen Stewart in new film On the Road.

The 26-year-old stars with the Twilight actress in a tale of a young man who travels across America with a friend in the 1940’s.

Garrett has been involved in a series of high profile films of late including TRON: legacy and Country Strong but it’s his scenes with Kristen in his soon to be released film which may attract the actor further attention.

When asked if there were any intimate scenes between the two Garrett admitted as such.

“There’s a few,” he told E! News, before adding that the film would be released, “The end of the year or early next year.”

With his career firmly taking off Garrett confirms his next wish would be to work with legendary directors the Coen brothers. The actor cites Joel and Ethan as the two people who have made the biggest influence on his life within the industry and hopes to work with them soon.

“They’re just two of the greatest people I’ve ever met. And they’re from Minnesota,” he joked.

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