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Gary Oldman: Video fame is 'scary'

Gary Oldman has revealed his worry that films are being eclipsed in popularity by video games.

The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy star, 53, who has been nominated for his first Oscar, earned a new, young fanbase with his role as wizard mentor Sirius Black in the Harry Potter films.

But he told TV Times: "We live in a different world. My kids can now watch a movie on an iPhone, which is a terrible thing for me, but it's a new generation.

"Video games are taking over and all you can do as a parent is try to limit the time your kids spend on them."

The former hell-raiser, who has two teenage sons, Guillver, 14, and Charlie, 13, and is also father to 23-year-old Alfie, said: "At my sons' school, I'm more famous as the voice of Reznov in the Call Of Duty video game than I am for being in Harry Potter. And that's scary."

Gary, up for best actor for his role as George Smiley in the British spy film, added that he was excited about the Oscars ceremony this weekend.

"I've never really put myself out there and I wasn't holding my breath, but it's exciting and wonderful and I'm determined to enjoy every minute," he said.


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