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GBBO: Channel 4 rumoured to run Great British Bake Off without adverts

There’s been a huge palaver over The Great British Bake Off this week, with Mel, Sue and Mary confirming that they’re sticking with the BBC and Paul “appropriately named” Hollywood taking a big bucks deal at Channel 4.

Another interesting tidbit has now emerged, although unconfirmed, regarding what the show will look like on Channel 4.

Many feared that it will get a revamp, all thudding drums and fast cuts, but it seems they’re going to try and keep it true to the immensely popular Beeb format - right down to having no commercials.

This tip comes from TV director/producer Joe Myerscough, who is well-placed to talk about the move, his company Windfall Films having produced hosts of shows for Channel 4 and other broadcasters.

It came as part of an insightful series of tweets about GBBO’s move, looking at how its a win for pretty much everyone except the viewer:

The Great British Bake Sale has been a win for everyone involved, except the viewers... I'll explain what I mean... #GBBO

Love Productions get a firm commitment from a major broadcaster, and a lot more money for their brand = WIN

Sky (who own a large stake in Love) get a better rate of return on their investment and get to stick a finger up to the beeb = WIN

Even without the presenters, C4 get a show that is bound to rate higher than anything else in that slot = WIN

(plus I hear they are planning to run it without adverts, the sponsorship value of the show is so high they don’t need them)

The BBC get to put their foot down and make it clear that they aren’t willing to pay through the roof for shows = WIN

And they look like the underdog in the eyes of the public when they are being attacked from all sides = WIN

Mel & Sue get elevated to national hero for sticking with the BBC and won’t be short of job offers off the back of this = WIN

Mary Berry also gets loyalty points from the public. Cookbook sales rocket = WIN

Paul Hollywood gets a massive payrise and a new car = WIN

But the British public will lose a show they love. It was a magic recipe that will be hard to recreate. A real shame.

Mary Berry said in a statement that she will not be moving to Channel 4 with Paul Hollywood out of loyalty to the BBC.

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