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Gemma Arterton believes America at a crisis point

Actress Gemma Arterton has said she believes America is at a crisis point as presidential candidate Donald Trump denied allegations of sexual assault.

The Quantum Of Solace star said she has found the recent revelations of Mr Trump's obscene remarks about women and subsequent accusations about his behaviour shocking.

Arriving at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of her new film Their Finest, she told the Press Association: "I don't even know where to start with that, I think it is at a crisis point but it might not be and maybe it will sway the other way, who knows?

"It's shocking that what is going on right now is actually happening to be honest, but that seems to be what is going on generally.

"Maybe it's a seismic shift we are all going through in the world, to work out what is actually best for everyone."

The revelations about the Republican presidential candidate come as Arterton said things are improving for women in Hollywood, particularly with regards to equal pay.

She said the situation has come on "absolutely leaps and bounds because there has been such a big thing made of it people are now confident enough to bring it up.

"That is the main thing, before people would just go 'oh, ok' and no-one would talk about it, it was an unspoken thing, but now they will ask how much their colleague is getting paid and I know I'm confident in doing that now."

She added: "I think for one's own self you should know what you're capable of and what you deserve."

In her new film, Arterton stars opposite Bill Nighy and Sam Claflin to play a scriptwriter drafted into the Ministry of Information to make propaganda films during the Blitz, at a time when dialogue for female characters was referred to as "slop".

But Arterton hailed the film festival for choosing female director Amma Asante's latest movie for the opening slot as an example of how much things have improved since then.

She said: "It has changed so much, with the BFI giving A United Kingdom the opening slot, it's becoming the norm and I think in five years' time we won't be talking about it anymore because it will be in place, which is how it should be."


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