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Gemma Atkinson: Strictly is out of my comfort zone

Gemma Atkinson rates herself as a 4/10 at dancing, but 6/10 when she’s had a drink.

Gemma Atkinson said taking part in Strictly will give her the opportunity to try something a bit more “girly”.

The actress, 32, said while she is comfortable when it comes to the gym, “anything to do with girly stuff, I’m not”.

She said: “I’m taking part because I want to challenge myself in any way possible really.

Gemma Atkinson

“To be in a sparkly frock with heels on, learning to dance live on a dancefloor is way out of my comfort zone.”

Atkinson did disco dancing as a child but said she has no idea when it comes to ballroom or Latin.

“I’d say my dancing is maybe 4/10 or when I have a drink in me, 6/10,” she said.

The star said she is hoping to be paired with someone “tall and strong” on the dancefloor.

“I’m 5’9, and 11 stone. I’m heavy, that’s a lot to throw around and lift up,” she said.

“Someone who’s strict when they need to be but also can have a laugh.

“I don’t like doing things that I don’t enjoy so there has to be an element of fun with it.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns for the launch show on BBC1 at 7pm on September 9.


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