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Gemma Chan: We need a more diverse pool of film critics

The actress said she ‘seeks out’ female-led stories made by women.


Gemma Chan (Ian West/PA)

Gemma Chan (Ian West/PA)

Gemma Chan (Ian West/PA)

Humans star Gemma Chan has complained that film criticism remains “a male-dominated field”.

The actress, 35, said that the movie industry would benefit if critics were from a more diverse background.

“Worryingly, research has… shown male critics are more likely to review films featuring a male protagonist than a female one,” the Fresh Meat actress told Stylist magazine.

“And, when they review films directed by a woman, they are less likely than female reviewers to mention the director by name, and to offer positive comments about her work.”


Gemma Chan on the cover of Stylist magazine (Stylist)

Gemma Chan on the cover of Stylist magazine (Stylist)

Gemma Chan on the cover of Stylist magazine (Stylist)

The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl actress added: “It’s undeniable that film criticism, despite a few exceptions, remains largely a male-dominated field.”

She added: “There are many fantastic male film critics… but… more diversity and a range of perspectives means the work speaks to more people and represents a broader viewpoint.”

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Chan, who is helping to launch a campaign with the women’s magazine to “galvanise” female film reviewers, said: “We are not saying men shouldn’t be allowed to review films by or about women.

“We just feel that more women (particularly women of colour) should be doing it too.

“Diversity in our stories, perspectives and culture can only help us gain a better understanding of one another.

“Which, in these divided times, surely can’t hurt.”

The full interview appears in this week’s issue of Stylist, out on Wednesday.

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