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George Clooney threatens French magazine with ‘full extent of the law’ for twin pictures

The actor said photographers for Voici scaled their fence and a tree to “illegally” take pictures of the newborns and his wife Amal.

George Clooney has threatened a magazine with prosecution after it published pictures of him and his wife Amal with their newborn twins.

The actor said photographers from French publication Voici scaled their fence and a tree to snap him and the human rights lawyer with their children.

Clooney has threatened Voici with prosecution (Ian West/PA)

Voici printed the pictures on Friday, claiming they were the first images of Ella and Alexander to be published and said they were taken at their residence in Lake Como, Italy.

The actor, 56, said: “Over the last week photographers from Voici magazine scaled our fence, climbed our tree and illegally took pictures of our infants inside our home.

“Make no mistake, the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The safety of our children demands it.”

Voici defended the photos as being in response to “public demand” and said the “public personalities” have widely commented on the twins, according to reports.

The human rights lawyer gave birth to their first children on June 6 (Lauren Hurley/PA)

“People love George Clooney and have been following his life story for years now. Those pictures do not put in danger Mr Clooney, his wife or their kids,” a statement added.

Amal Clooney, 39, gave birth to their first children in a London hospital on June 6.


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