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George Clooney's drinking trick

George Clooney used some of his acting skills to trick his film crew into thinking he was getting drunk, according to his former co-star William H Macy.

George worked with William, who plays hardened drinker Frank Gallagher in the US adaptation of Shameless, on crime caper Welcome To Collinwood.

The morning after a party, George, unlike the film's crew, emerged without a hangover, William was quoted as telling Shortlist magazine, even though he appeared to have drunk as much as them.

William told Shortlist magazine: "He destroyed the crew two nights in a row. They all went out with George, came in the next day and they were useless. But he was great.

"So I went out with him and do you know what he did? Everyone would go, 'George, I want to buy you a drink,' and they'd do shots of tequila. I thought, 'That guy's done, like, 30 shots of tequila.'

"You want to know the truth? He hadn't had any. He'd go, 'Here's to you.' Then he'd pour the shot on the ground and pretend to down it by throwing his head back. Every drop was on the floor."


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