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Gerard Butler for game adaptation?

Gerard Butler is reportedly in talks to join the cast of Kane And Lynch in a starring role.

The Olympus Has Fallen actor is negotiating about signing up to play Kane in the film adaptation of the video game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

F Gary Gray will be directing the film, so if Gerard agrees a deal he could be reunited with his director from 2009's Law Abiding Citizen.

Vin Diesel has apparently been offered the role of Lynch by Millennium, who are making the film, but it's not known whether he is in talks.

Kane And Lynch follows death row inmate Kane and schizophrenic killer Lynch as they break free from prison to retrieve a stolen fortune.

The story was originally picked up for adaptation in 2007 and a previous incarnation that didn't make it to filming was a Lionsgate version starring Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx.


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