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Gervais: I want some darker roles

Ricky Gervais has confessed he'd love to play a serial killer.

The funnyman - known for his roles in TV sitcoms The Office and Extras and comedy movies such as The Invention Of Lying - said he's ready to take on a grittier part.

He told The Sun: "I would quite like to play a psychopath or a serial killer like Dexter. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest would have been my ideal film.

"Or Hannibal Lecter, I could do that."

But Ricky admitted getting audiences to look beyond his laugh-a-minute persona could prove tough.

"It is difficult for a comedian to do something and be taken totally seriously... I think I could play demented and weird!"

The star returns to the small screen in new Channel 4 retirement home comedy Derek, which airs on April 12.


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