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Gervais offers Pilkington film role

Ricky Gervais has invited Karl Pilkington to star in his latest Hollywood movie - Flanimals.

The British funnyman, who will be an executive producer on the film in the 3D big-screen adaptation of his best-selling children's book featuring the ugly and misshapen creatures, reckons his pal, star of An Idiot Abroad, could play one of the characters.

"I'd like him to play either The Wobboid Mump or a Glonk," said Ricky.

"He'd be good for most Flanimals to be honest, as they're all useless, have weird shaped heads, and believe their whole existence is pointless. I think he'll be great."

The script will be written by Matt Selman (The Simpsons), and a release date has not yet been decided.

Ricky, who will also voice the lead character of Puddy - a Puddloflaj who wants to change the world - has previously joked his acting role would be a big challenge.

"It will be great to play a short, fat, sweaty loser for a change. A real stretch," he said.


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