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Gerwig won't slate films for fans

Greta Gerwig has said she won't criticise her films in case it ruins the viewing experience for fans.

The Frances Ha star appeared in rom-com Arthur with Russell Brand, who has since said he felt he made a mistake by taking on the film.

Greta said: "Sometimes the experience of making a movie is so different from what a movie actually is and sometimes they're disconnected, you can have a wonderful time making a movie and it turns out the movie's c***. Or vice versa, you can have a terrible time and it's a great movie.

"I certainly see the movies and have opinions on them, but I don't like to pass judgment because the one time I did it and said I don't like this movie I did, someone I really love said, 'That was my favourite one,' and I was like I shouldn't have said anything because it's taking away the experience of what they had with it.

"It doesn't matter what I think about it, I'm in it, if someone liked it I don't want to invalidate their liking it."

But Greta said Russell's feelings about Arthur hadn't changed how much she liked him.

She said: "It's interesting Russell said that. I love Russell, he's so great. I saw him in LA recently, he saw me across the room and he was like, 'Greta you nerd, what are you doing?' I was like, 'Russell!' He just makes fun of me more than anyone else."

Frances Ha is out in cinemas now.


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