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Gerwig's tears when filming wraps

Greta Gerwig has revealed she always cries when shooting finishes on her films.

The Arthur actress says she grows so attached to her co-stars, she can't help but shed a tear when the director yells 'Cut'.

"I cry when movies are over. It's so ridiculous but I can't help it. There's these little communities that come together and then they disband," she admitted.

"Growing up I didn't know what actors lives were but I had some idea that you could be part of a band of travelling players, which is not true."

The New York actress, who stars alongside Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren in the Peter Baynham-penned film, was somewhat in awe of her co-stars.

"My fawning over Helen and Peter and Russell I think bordered on creepy, so I tried to keep that in check," she joked.

Greta added: "It felt like we were living in this little imaginary world and I didn't want it to end."

:: Arthur is out in cinemas now.


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