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Gilliam: Technology disconnects us


Terry Gilliam admits he has concerns about man's relationship with technology

Terry Gilliam admits he has concerns about man's relationship with technology

Terry Gilliam admits he has concerns about man's relationship with technology

Terry Gilliam has revealed his new film The Zero Theorem confronts some of his concerns that technology is disconnecting people rather than bringing them together.

The science fiction drama stars Christoph Waltz as a reclusive computer programmer trying to crack a formula that will reveal the meaning of life, and floats the idea that the virtual world might be preventing people from living their lives to the full.

Director Terry said: "I fear through all the connectivity we're being disconnected. It's easier to just tweet somebody than talk to them and more people are doing it than not.

"And people don't have time to just let the experience occur rather than commenting on it and telling the world, 'This is what I think already' without thinking.

"I find the virtual world intriguing, I keep thinking about virtual dating, where people can have an avatar and make themselves whatever they want. In those situations I'm very curious whether after virtual dating, what happens when they meet? Because each is bound to disappoint the other. It's all virtual and you're protected in a way, and that's what bothers me because it isolates and people have got to be in the real world.

"All those things worry me."

But the Monty Python star admitted that he had come to rely on technology more and more when making films. Terry revealed how stars Christoph Waltz and French actress Melanie Thierry, who plays the film's love interest, had even sent recordings for some of their lines for the film by email.

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He explained: "Technology is very convenient, on the other hand, technology is wonderful. I've got an iPhone - thanks to the film, we had some Apple products and I got one for free!

"But what was interesting in post [production] I changed some of the dialogue. I could take one little scene, make a little Quicktime movie of it, email it to Christoph in Berlin with the new line, so he could hear his original performance, record the new line on his iPhone, email it back, it's in the film.

"Melanie was in the south of France, did the same thing, the iPhone mic is brilliant. I don't know how it works.

"Technology is fantastic, we can do much more than we used to, but it doesn't mean just because you can you should. That's the difference, it's how you use it."

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