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Gladiator camp for Harington and co

Kit Harington and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje have revealed they took part in an intensive gladiator boot camp before appearing in Pompeii.

The actors, who star in Paul WS Anderson's action adventure as warriors fighting to survive before Mount Vesuvius erupts, said they had taken their training for the roles very seriously.

Game Of Thrones star Kit, who plays Milo, said: "When I met Paul to start this movie, I saw in the script, it said he's completely ripped. I thought, I'd better do that because I'm going to have my top off and it's not going to look good if I'm slightly flabby around the sides. I wanted to look aesthetically right for the part."

He continued: "Playing a gladiator, you want to look like you could really beat people up and I wanted to look muscly. It was a lot of eating protein and a lot of going to the gym. I was going to the gym quite heavily over the four months - three times a day, six days a week - and you get obsessed."

Adewale broke down exactly what their training involved: "We both went to gladiator boot camp prior to the shoot of the movie... Oh man, four hours a day.

"So two hours of fight training with swords and weaponry, one hour's weight training and another hour's cardio, coupled with this horrible 1,800 calorie diet designed to get us all buffed and cut up for the Adonises you're about to see.

"It was gruelling but it's ultimately rewarding. But would I want to do it again... Maybe. For the right zeros, but it was a good journey because ultimately, when you see yourself up on top of that rock, you say, 'Yeah, that's what I signed up for'."

Pompeii is in cinemas now.


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