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Gleeson: Howard film has heart

Brendan Gleeson has revealed In The Heart Of The Sea encapsulates the feel of old-style Hollywood movies.

The Harry Potter star plays Old Thomas Nickerson in Ron Howard's new epic, starring Chris Hemsworth, based on the 1820 event when a whaling ship was preyed upon by a sperm whale, stranding its crew at sea for 90 days.

Brendan revealed: " I was kind of narrating, so I wasn't out on the high seas, apart from in my imagination, in my memory that I had no experiences to account for!"

He added: "It was great actually, I spent a lot of time just in the same room with Ben Whishaw and Michelle Fairley, so it wasn't as different as you might think. But the film itself was a whole different deal, old, swashbuckling... it's very reminiscent of old style movies.

"I just saw it in the last week and I'm really happy with what it does. It 's a kind of extraordinary, full-on idea of what you can do with a film, but it has a heart and soul to it. I'm very happy about it."

In The Heart Of The Sea, directed by Ron Howard, is due to open in cinemas in March 2015 and also stars Cillian Murphy and Charlotte Riley.


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