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Gleeson steps off Harry Potter set to star in sons’ film

Harry Potter took a back seat as film star Brendan Gleeson teamed up with his sons for a ‘family' movie.

Noreen is written and directed by Domhnall (26) — Gleeson's eldest son — and co-stars younger brother Brian (21).

When Domhnall Gleeson asked his father to star in the low-budget film the actor read over the script first.

“Dad read it and really liked it. I didn't need to ask him to audition or anything. He's so good that he didn't need to,” Domhnall said.

The father and son team took a break from filming Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows to spend four days in freezing snow and ice shooting the short film in Shannonbridge, Co Offaly.

Domhnall's debut as a director was a challenge with only €10,000 to make the magic happen.

Domhnall, who plays Bill Weasley in the new Harry Potter movie, said it was “fantastic” to work alongside his father and brother on the project.

Brendan Gleeson, of course, is well-known for his role as Hogwarts professor Mad-Eye Moody.

“Being an actor in Harry Potter is a different experience. It's fantastic at the same time but there are so many extras and it's just so huge, you're not in control of anything,” Domhnall said.

His film is a story about two gardai who solve their own problems as they attempt to investigate a death. One of the policemen has been working a long time (Brendan) and the other guy is just new (Brian).

“They're not related in the film,” Domhnall continued. “Brian is a talker, he's very sad and has broken up with his girlfriend. But my father isn't comfortable talking at all. They get out to a house down the country and find a dead body and things start to unravel.

“It's a comedy but it's sad and shocking in places,” he added.

Noreen will premiere in Tullamore Omniplex in the spring.

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