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Goldie Hawn says forgiveness is important because 'men are men'

Goldie Hawn says ‘men are men’ and that they are different to women.


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Goldie Hawn has said forgiveness is important when it comes to men because they are built differently to women.

The Hollywood actress, who has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell for 33 years, told Radio Times: “Men are men.”

Goldie, 71, continued: “It’s how we handle it.

“I wouldn’t want testosterone running through my veins, I really wouldn’t.

“Women are not built the way men are.


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“Men are designed to spread their seed, that’s how they propagated the world.

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“So forgiveness is important.”

Asked whether she had to forgive much herself, Snatched star Goldie said: “When I was very young I had a couple of incidents.

“Men can be kind of crazy and it also has to do with a lot of things about the woman.

“How does she handle herself? How does she carry herself? How does she deal with these situations?

“Because they come up all the time for women whether they are movie stars or not.”

The star said in those situations she would “look the man in the eye and say, ‘Don’t ever do that again’.”


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“I used my words,” she said.

“But I’m not talking about the really heavyweight stuff. If you start getting groped then absolutely you fight back.

“You do not allow that to happen.”

The Radio Times is on sale on Tuesday.

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