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Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid shares picture of missing cat

The presenter later shared an update saying Suki, who is chipped, had been found and taken to a vet able to identify her.

Susanna Reid has shared a photograph of her pet cat, Suki, who she says has gone missing.

The Good Morning Britain presenter posted a photograph of the black, green-eyed feline on Twitter.

She wrote: “My amazing, sweet Suki has disappeared.

“She is chipped, so I’m hoping some kind South London soul will take her to the vet on Monday & she can be ID’d”.

Fans offered their condolences in response to her post.

Suki, a rescue cat, also went missing in 2015, but returned home.

Reid tweeted at the time: “People of #Balham … my cat Suki is lost. We went away for a bit – & so has she . She has microchip but no collar”.

She later shared an update saying Suki had been found and taken to a vet, who used the chip to identify her.


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