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Googling myself ended in full depression, says Blake Lively

Blake Lively doesn’t think the internet is a very nice place.

Blake Lively has said she does not read about herself on the internet because Googling herself once ended in “full depression”.

The former Gossip Girl star, who is married to actor Ryan Reynolds, said she learned the hard way not to search for her own name online.

Blake, 29, told Variety magazine for its Power Of Women issue: “I have (Googled myself) before and it just ended in full depression.

“So I think it’s a good rule of thumb not to Google yourself because the internet is not nice.”

The mum-of-two was asked to give her best advice during the interview, and said it was that women should not feel they have to choose between parenting and a career.

She said: “My mum had a career and had five kids.

“Don’t compromise one for the other.

“You can do both fantastically, and some days you’ll do both horribly. As long as you’re happy and give your family all the love and attention they need, it all sort of falls into place.”


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