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Graham not expecting Alba career

Katerina Graham isn't expecting Honey 2 to turn her into the next Jessica Alba.

The original dance movie propelled Jessica from a TV actress into a Hollywood talent, but Katerina - who plays lead character Maria Bennett - has no expectations that it will do the same for her career.

"If it does, then great, I hope that it does that for me, and for everyone in the cast - otherwise I am just as happy. Honey is one of my favourite films," she said.

Starring alongside Katerina are lesser known actors like Randy Wayne, Melissa Molinaro and Seychelle Gabriel.

"I am just one of many in this film. I don't see myself as the star of the show, I am just part of this talented cast," the actress added.

The 21-year-old, who also plays witch Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries, said the Honey sequel isn't quite as clean-cut as the first film. It follows Maria as she attempts to win the top prize in a televised dance competition.

"I watched Jessica Alba's performance and she is great and terrific in what she does, and the original Honey was really amazing, but how I always saw the film is that Honey 2 is a bit grimier," she said.

"There is more to lose. It's at a raw place, and is more of a fighter's movie. I wanted to give the film that feeling, that this girl has no other option but to win."

:: Honey 2 is in cinemas now.


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