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Grant and Law became best pals

Richard E Grant has opened up about his burgeoning bromance with Jude Law while working on Dom Hemingway together.

The actors play best mates from opposite ends of the social spectrum in the film, who take a trip to the South of France to collect money Jude's character is owed from his crime boss having spent 12 years in prison.

Richard, 56, said of Jude's work ethic: "He never ever complained, which is pretty unusual for actors, and he had to be without clothes on for a fair amount of the movie in very cold weather. Walking around stark naked, I would never be asked to do that and I couldn't possibly do it. But he did it with great grace and equanimity."

He continued: "He's extremely hard working and dedicated, knew everybody's names on the crew and was very charming. He's a really top, top, top man. I hope he gets an Oscar nomination, another one - I hope he gets his third."

Richard added that he felt Jude had been a brilliant casting move: "He's very easy to get on with, he's seen everything, he's read everything, so that makes it very easy. And he talks as much as I do, which is saying something!

"We needed someone who would go right out there and beyond, and Jude wasn't the person that I immediately thought would do that, but he did and extraordinarily so."

Meanwhile, asked about their friendship, Jude joked: "A lot of it's in the script because we didn't get on at all. There was a serious tension on set."

He then confirmed about Richard: "He's very easy to get on with. Great to work with."

Dom Hemingway is released in cinemas on November 15.


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