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Grant: Fewer roles for posh actors

Richard E Grant has claimed that there are fewer roles for "posh" actors these days.

Posh is thought to be popular following the success of old-Etonians Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne and Damian Lewis, but the Withnail And I star said he felt his accent could be holding him back.

Richard told The Daily Telegraph: "I don't think it's the case that 'posh actors' get more work than others.

"Actors always think that others are getting more work than them. In my case, they usually are. Tim Spall is not a posh actor and he works a great deal more than me. If I spoke like Tim Spall, I'd probably get more parts."

The Iron Lady actor was speaking at a screening of Spall's short film Boy.

Richard added he would love not to be typecast as posh, and have the opportunity to play a "chav".

He said: "I would love to play your common, everyday guy, but I never get cast as that. It would be fun to play a chav and chav it up, but I can't see it ever happening."


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