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Grant: Hemingway already cult film

Richard E Grant has said his new film Dom Hemingway has all the makings of a cult classic that will be quoted for years to come.

The star of cult 80s comedy Withnail And I plays the best friend of safe cracker Dom, played by Jude Law, in the crime drama.

He revealed: "We had a screening the other day and my 24-year-old daughter and all her friends came to it. And they have been tweeting and emailing me quotes from the film ever since. So I know it definitely has the seeds of that cult, quote repeat viewing quality that I certainly have experienced on Withnail."

The film was partly shot in the South of France, but Richard insisted they didn't manage to soak up much sun.

He said: "It was autumn and quite cold, so Jude having to walk around in one scene without any clothes on at all, every man on the crew felt really badly for him. We wanted to get it over and done with as quickly as possible, for his sake.

"You feel guilty if your'e the fully clothed person in warm clothing and he's having to walk around stark b****** naked. So we really felt for him. People were very diplomatic at not looking."


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