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Grantchester star Robson Green is no fan of plastic surgery

The Grantchester actor will be appearing next in Age Before Beauty.

Robson Green is starring in a new drama (PA)
Robson Green is starring in a new drama (PA)

TV star Robson Green has vowed not to go under-the-knife because he does not want to look as though he has been “shot out of a cannon”.

The Grantchester actor, 53, will soon appear in Age Before Beauty, a BBC1 drama about a family-owned beauty salon.

The new show has been penned by Poldark screenwriter Debbie Horsfield and also stars Sue Johnston, Polly Walker, Lisa Riley and James Murray.

Green told the Press Association: “I’ve got certain friends and I’ve worked with people who look like they’ve been shot out of a cannon.

“I’m like, ‘My goodness, what on earth were you thinking? You looked in the mirror and thought that worked?

“And I don’t believe that when people go, ‘Oh well, we’re under pressure by society and imagery.’ What a load of old shit.

“I think if you have that low self esteem it’s another type of help you need and it’s not cosmetic.

“That’s my personal opinion. Some of the most beautiful people in the world aren’t cliched in their looks…”

Asked if there was pressure on actors to look good, he said: “Just eat less and move more. Come on it’s not that difficult.

“I’m not going to use cosmetic stuff. I’m going to do it through hard work and blood, sweat and tears… I work hard at it and it’s a very healthy approach … The quick fix is never a solution.”

Age Before Beauty starts on BBC1 on Tuesday, July 31.

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