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Great British Bake Off Iain Watters: I don't hold a grudge... but I'll never make a Baked Alaska again!'

By Claire Williamson

The bearded baker who whisked up a controversy after his departure from the Great British Bake Off has said he holds no grudges – but will never make a Baked Alaska again.

Iain Watters was booted out after he failed to present a dessert to the judges after the ice cream vital to his dessert melted.

Twitter users threw their support behind Iain, complaining that fellow contestant Diana Beard had contributed to Iain's exit as she had taken his baked Alaska out of the freezer, causing the ice cream to melt.

But Iain told the Belfast Telegraph he held no grudge towards Ms Beard, who was accused of "sabotaging" him.

The 31-year-old said: "I really didn't expect this reaction. It's only a reality television show that involves baking so I didn't think people would take to Twitter to comment on it."

Iain said while the dessert was taken out of the freezer, it wasn't sabotage.

"I don't think it was sabotage because the tent was over 30 degrees, it was 25 degrees outside and with all the ovens on and the sun on the tent, it was over 30 degrees.

"The pressure was on in the last hour and everyone was focused on their own bake, and I don't think it was intentional."

And the baker said he didn't approve of Diana being made out as a villain.

"I think it's very unfair," he added.

Iain said it was great being a part of the show. He said: "I made Baked Alaska for the extra slice show to show what it was supposed to look like. But I don't intend ever to make one again."

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