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Green enjoyed 'evil' 300 character

Eva Green has revealed she relished the chance to play an evil character in the 300 sequel.

The former Bond girl stars as villainess Artemisia in the next instalment on the saga, 300: Rise Of An Empire, and the character carries out unspeakable acts, like kissing the lips of a man she has just decapitated.

"I love playing evil characters, but especially those who are complex and have a reason to behave in such a way, it's always more interesting," said the 33-year-old.

"What I like about her is that she's ballsy and utterly fearless. Her tragic flaw is her obsessive need for revenge."

Although she was able to do some research on the real Artemisia, the character in the film is "quite a bit different", noted the French actress.

"But then a woman commander all those years ago was rather unusual, so she had to have been exceptionally strong," she added.

Eva also revealed she threw herself into training, admitting she's "not the most co-ordinated" person.

"It was a bit scary in the beginning," she recalled. "Mark [Twight, the trainer who helped get the cast fit for battle in the first film too] would tell me, 'Don't think - do!'."

The film, directed by Noam Murro, also stars Lena Headey, Sullivan Stapleton, Hans Matheson and Jack O'Connell.

:: 300: Rise Of An Empire is in cinemas now.


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