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Green: Rudd chose his own tache!

Paul Rudd chose to grow a moustache especially for his role in Prince Avalanche, director David Gordon Green has revealed.

The This Is Forty star grew his own facial hair and geeky glasses to portray "alpha-male" Alvin in the drama, with Emile Hirsch as his companion Lance.

"That was Paul's idea. The guy is exuding masculinity, left and right, so he wanted to bring a moustache and this odd pair of glasses he was sending me pictures of," David revealed.

Prince Avalanche, a remake of the Icelandic film Either Way, sees the unlikely duo spending a summer together in the wilderness, repainting traffic lines.

"Emile's character has some nice shorts. We modelled him after Kurt Russell in Big Trouble In Little China," the director recalled. "They were fighting for who would be Mario in the Mario Brothers if this movie was an estranged apocalyptic version of the Mario Brothers."

David, who has directed comedies including Pineapple Express, Eastbound And Down and The Sitter, wanted to collaborate with the actors for many years.

"Paul and Emile have been friends of mine for a while. Paul and I tried to get a movie going in 2001, but we couldn't find the funding... Emile and I tried to get a movie going a few years ago, but that fell apart. We kept in touch about wanting to do something along these lines of a stripped-down, independent-minded project," he said.

Production for the film was done in secret, with an 18-day shoot, and only announced after completion.

"I looked at it as an opportunity to make a character piece, that stripped away the logistics and expectations of my last few movies, and focused on two great actors. There weren't car chases and explosions," he said, adding: " We finished early and we were sad to see it go so we had a two-day wrap party."

Prince Avalanche is in cinemas now.


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