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Greg James gets a boost from The Rock in climbing challenge

The wrestling star-turned-actor sent the Radio 1 host ‘so much strength man’.

Greg James has received a boost in his three-peak fundraising challenge – with a message from The Rock.

The star – real name Dwayne Johnson – sent the broadcaster “so much strength man” as he attempts to climb three of the highest mountains in the UK and cycle the distances between them for Sport Relief, despite the treacherous conditions.

“I’m sending you so much strength man. It’s for a great cause, which is people’s mental health. We all go through that,” the wrestling star-turned-actor said in a video posted on Twitter.

“I’m proud of you, man. Keep up the great work. You’re inspiring so many people, not me of course! But everybody else…

“When I get back to England, drinks, of course, are all on you! Good luck, man.”

James has labelled Scafell Pike – the second of his three summits – the “most ridiculous thing” he has ever done.

“I feel really, really broken. My muscles are really aching, I feel quite dizzy and light headed – we climbed 950m,” he has said.

“The snow was up to my knees, it was completely ludicrous. My feet were going in and the snow was going over my knees – it felt like I couldn’t do it but somehow I got to the top,” he added.

The challenge, labelled Radio 1’s Gregathlon: Pedal To The Peaks, also sees James continue to keep up his presenting duties as he takes breaks for his own live show each day alongside on-the-road co-host Adele Roberts.

Sport Relief trainer Greg Whyte said it was the “worst weather” ever experienced on a Sport Relief challenge.


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