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Greta Gerwig can't choose real love

Greta Gerwig has said she feels like a jack of all trades rather than a master of either acting or writing.

The actress who wrote and stars in new film Frances Ha said she couldn't pick which of the jobs she preferred.

She said: "I like both of them, I think that's my fate to be more of a Renaissance woman than to be like a master of one thing.

"In some ways I've always admired people who have their calling from the time that they're little and they know exactly what it is they're supposed to do. I think the truth is for me, even looking back to high school, I've always been a person who does everything so I think probably I'll just keep doing all of it. I can't imagine giving one of them up.

"Every time I think about giving up acting I'm like, 'No, but I need the attention!'."

Frances Ha sees Greta's character desperately trying to hold on to a close friendship and a floundering dance career while her friends grow up and move on around her.

The film is out in cinemas now.


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