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Gunn promises more female Guardians

James Gunn has promised there will be more female characters introduced into the Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel.

There has been an ongoing debate about the shortage of female superheroes in the Marvel comic book movies, and during a question and answer session at the Dragon Con in Atlanta, director James was asked about introducing any more to the line-up in the upcoming sequel.

Guardians Of The Galaxy follows a motley team of other-worldly misfits, including Rocket the talking raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper), Groot, a tree-like creature (Vin Diesel), tattooed vengeful warrior Drax (Dave Bautista), leader Peter Quill aka Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), and Zoe Saldana as the only female member - green-skinned fighting alien Gamora.

According to Collider, James was asked if he would be bringing in more female superheroes, and if Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel, would be one of them.

James revealed that he wanted to steer clear of "earthlings" in his side of the Marvel universe, allowing Peter Quill to be the main focus from Earth.

But he added there are plenty of other women in the Marvel comic book universe of the Guardians Of The Galaxy and he was "more than excited" to begin introducing them into future films.

James revealed he planned to introduce new female characters in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, which is already in the works for a 2017 release.

He also said he expected Captain Marvel to appear in one of the other upcoming Marvel movies very soon.


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