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Hahn, Radnor share film sex secrets

Kathryn Hahn and Josh Radnor have opened up about their sex scenes in new movie Afternoon Delight.

The pair play a long-married couple who are just going through the motions of their relationship.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of film, We're The Millers actress Kathryn said she wasn't fazed by the more explicit material.

"At that point we were so tired, it was end of the shoot. I know Josh socially which made it awesome and also awkward at the same time because me and my husband know him but it was OK.

"The harder stuff was the intimate, emotional stuff. I've had two kids so the nudity doesn't freak me out as much."

Josh, who is best known for his role as Ted in E4 comedy How I Met Your Mother, added: "It's a long married couple, it's not like the English Patient. It was a closed set so it was the cinematographer, the director and the two of us so it was just the four of us. It never felt like a ton of people until tonight."

The movie is set in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Silver Lake where Kathryn lives with her family, but it did not turn out to be as convenient as she hoped.

"I live 10 minutes from where we shot and I thought it was going to be amazing because my kids could visit and we could use my mini-van, but then I realised it might not be kids-appropriate."

The How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days actress, who was dressed in a sleek black satin dress, also mulled over what her own "afternoon delight" might be.

"My afternoon delight these days would be a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a couple of episodes of Orange Is The New Black, that would be so decadent and amazing.

"I would want to see an hour of a television show I've been dying to see and white wine spritzer. I don't have a lot of vices, I'm like 90 years old."


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