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Halle Berry's troubles start at sea

Halle Berry has revealed she got "terribly seasick" when she shot Dark Tide.

The Oscar-winning actress, who plays shark whisperer Kate in the underwater thriller, admitted that fiance Olivier Martinez - who stars as her screen boyfriend Jeff - got the brunt of her queasiness.

"My first day on the boat, I'm not ashamed to say I got terribly seasick - I threw up about five times, but it never happened since. I got my sea legs and have not been sick one day since," she said.

She recalled: "That first day, there were very high waves so it was very choppy. Half our crew was chucking up. I couldn't help it but I threw up on Olivier's shoes!"

Halle revealed that filming in the middle of the ocean by Cape Town was one of the challenges of the shoot.

"We are out there in the middle of nowhere on a little boat and on most days there are around 20 men and women on that little boat trying to make a movie, with all these tight corners, in a very constricted space. Which is an acting challenge - something I had to learn how to do," she admitted.

"We had to find a little corner and deal with whatever the process is at that time, and sometimes we couldn't prepare at all but just have to hit the deck running," she added.

Dark Tide is released on DVD and Blu-ray by Revolver Entertainment on October 22.


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