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Hammer: No gig better than Ranger

Armie Hammer doesn't think he'll ever get another acting gig better than The Lone Ranger, and called directing "the end game".

The star of the Disney Western with Johnny Depp said he felt the film had been the pinnacle of his career.

J Edgar actor Armie said: "I'm convinced I've hit the pinnacle in terms of experiences while making a movie. This was the best crew I have ever worked with, best actors, best everything, and we shot in the most amazing locations."

But Armie, who admitted, "I feel disgusted with myself if I even just say the term 'my fans'," reckoned his long-term plan was to move into directing.

He said: "I don't want to forever just say other people's words. I don't forever want to be an actor. I want to be responsible for my own content. Directing is the end game."

Armie plays lead character John Reid in The Lone Ranger which will be released in cinemas on August 9.


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