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Hangover star Ed Helms dismisses Bill Clinton cameo

Bill Clinton will not be making a cameo in The Hangover sequel, says a star from the movie.

Last November it was reported the former US President had been spotted filming scenes in Bangkok, Thailand, for The Hangover Part II. Clinton was said to be playing himself during the brief appearance, but Ed Helms – who portrays Stu Price in the comedy franchise – has dismissed the reports.

He insists Clinton was on the movie set because he wanted to meet the cast and crew while he was in Thailand giving a speech on clean energy.

“He came and visited us," Helms told MTV. "I'd be surprised if there's a scene in the movie."

Although Clinton won’t be appearing in the raucous sequel, a host of other stars have joined the cast. Liam Neeson will play a tattoo artist, Paul Giamatti has landed a small role, while reality television star Jamie Chung will play Stu’s fiancée.

Mike Tyson will be making another appearance in the follow-up film, and Helms has revealed he was thrilled when he heard he would be working alongside the former boxer again.

"We had a good time," Helms said about shooting scenes with Tyson. "A little bit of a reunion of sorts."

In the first film, a group of men went to Las Vegas for a wild bachelor party, and a series of bizarre events occurred. The Hangover Part II is set to be just as outrageous, as Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis reprise their roles.

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