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Hanks' unique time on Cast Away

Tom Hanks has revealed he still holds fond memories of Cast Away.

Despite working on critically acclaimed films like Philadelphia, Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan, the Hollywood star - who received an Oscar nomination for his performance as stranded analyst Chuck Noland - still counts Robert Zemeckis' drama as a life-changing experience.

"I think I had the most unique time making Cast Away because we went out into the middle of nowhere and made that for a long time," he said.

"I was all alone for so much of it, I sort of had fantasy nightmares of talking to myself while we were making it. But every movie comes along and it is a very personal adventure that you go on. I'm hoping that the next movie will be the best one I have ever made."

Tom had to multi-task for his latest film Larry Crowne, which he starred in, directed and co-wrote.

"It's not rocket science. You can't do anything wrong, and you can't fire yourself," he quipped.

"You're in tune with the whole day. I'm in costume the whole day so you just weave through traffic and you just make it work. There's no trick to it. You just make sure that the metal switches [in the brain] are in the open or off position."

:: Larry Crowne opens in cinemas on July 1.


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