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Hanks: Wife hated Banks moustache

Tom Hanks has revealed his wife Rita Wilson hated the moustache he grew for his new movie.

The Oscar winner stars as Walt Disney in Saving Mr Banks, which tells the story of how Mary Poppins made it to the big screen, and Tom sports a black moustache for the role.

Speaking on the red carpet in Hollywood as the movie opened the American Film Institute Festival, the Captain Phillips star said: "My wife hated it, she hates it every time I have to do it, I had three roles this year and they all had facial hair.

"She's not a fan, when she says 'when are you done with this job?' she means when are you shaving it off."

But in spite of the facial hair, Tom said he embraced the chance to step into Walt Disney's shoes.

"You don't sneeze at it, you don't take it lightly," he said.

" There are a lot of tools at your disposal, I spoke to his daughter, I talked to all sorts of people who worked with the man, animators and long-term employees would find me on the lot and tell me 'I've got to tell you this one story about Walt'.

"As well as every piece of video and audio tape I could listen to - after that there is just grunt work."

Emma Thompson stars as author PL Travers in the film and said she shared certain traits with the woman who created the fictional nanny.

"I suppose we are both quite bossy, although I am such a people pleaser and I can't bear to offend and she didn't care at all. I would like a bit more of that actually."


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