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Harden: The camera 'eats up' Dornan

Marcia Gay Harden has said the fact her co-star Jamie Dornan is "a bit of a mystery" works well for the Fifty Shades Of Grey film.

The actor is playing billionaire Christian Grey in the big screen adaptation of EL James' steamy novel, and since he was cast Jamie has largely stayed out of the public eye and hasn't talked much about the role.

Marcia, who plays Christian's mum, said the aura of mystery surrounding Jamie is a good thing.

"I think the point is to have somebody mysterious because if you have somebody with too much pedigree to them ... you can't stop thinking about the pedigree. You just can't," she said.

"It's almost impossible in a film to do that ... I think that would be very hard to do for that role, so I think it's good that he's a bit of a mystery."

The actress said Jamie is "beautiful", adding: "He's chiselled beauty and the camera eats it up."

Marcia, 54, also revealed her own scenes in the film are much tamer than those of Jamie and Dakota Johnson, who plays Christian's love interest Anastasia Steele.

"If you are not in the red playroom of pain and pleasure with some naked flesh in your face and a sex toy in your hand, the experience of shooting the movie is much like doing any other movie. I'm the mom. I'm momma Grey," she joked.

Fifty Shades Of Grey is set to be released on February 13, 2015.


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