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Hardy getting tips from Sir Elton

Tom Hardy has revealed Sir Elton John has been giving him advice about playing him on the big screen.

The British actor has been cast as the iconic singer in a biopic entitled Rocketman.

And he told Digital Spy that Sir Elton - who is an executive producer on the project - has been giving him tips ahead of shooting, which is due to start late next year.

"It's all sort of a bit under the radar at the minute, but yeah, I am [talking to him]," said the 36-year-old.

Tom also revealed he has been working on his vocal skills for the movie, which has been described as "a biographical musical fantasy that weaves together the life of Sir Elton John and his music".

"I'm always singing," said the actor.

Speaking at The Sun Military Awards, Tom also opened up about working with James Gandolfini on the late actor's final film, The Drop.

"I warmed a lot to him. I really, really loved James," he said of the actor, who died of a heart attack in June.


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