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Hardy moved by his Warrior scenes

Tom Hardy has revealed how he cried when he saw his scenes with Nick Nolte in Warrior.

The Inception actor, who plays the son of a recovering alcoholic (played by Nick) in the sports drama, admitted he was reminded of his own battle with alcohol, which he beat in 2003.

"I thought Nick was brilliant in them. And when I watched it, I cried actually, because I'd been in places like that, and I was just very glad that what we were doing made sense," he explained.

Tom is pleased that the film raised awareness of alcohol addiction.

"The whole addiction/abuse storyline to me is not a shock and not far from home, or friends and family and understanding addiction," he said.

"I'm nine or 10 years going on sober now anyway, so I'm a long, long, long way away from my last drink but I know people in and out of recovery and I know people who've died, so that territory for me is actually a space which I feel responsible, to be part of work that's involved in that, because actually I've got something that I can use."

The 34-year-old added: "It's not to be taken for granted - it's not a fashion accessory, alcoholism and addiction, it's a really f***ing dangerous illness, it kills people. Addiction is part of my story... So it's nice when it comes up in a story where you can do some justice with it."

:: Warrior is out on Blu-ray, DVD and download now, courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment.


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