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Harris: Doing horror can feel silly


Jared Harris stars in new horror film The Quiet Ones

Jared Harris stars in new horror film The Quiet Ones

Jared Harris stars in new horror film The Quiet Ones

Jared Harris has admitted he felt like an "idiot" having to overact spooky scenes for new film The Quiet Ones.

The British actor stars in the Hammer horror movie as a university professor who assembles a team to try to create a poltergeist with horrifying results, but admitted shooting the film was more silly than scary.

Jared confessed: "You're acting like an idiot, you're screaming and yelling at stuff that isn't there. You have to do all this stuff and yell, and part of you is aware that it's absolutely ridiculous and its good.

"Part of the reason you're feeling that way is you are overacting your socks off. And you're kind of aware of that, but you have to double down on that feeling. Because wherever you think the top is - you've got to go two or three times above that so you can get the audience to where you want them to be."

But he revealed watching the film he still got scared.

"I do [get scared]. I jump - it's embarrassing. Even though I knew exactly what was going to happen it absolutely rung me out. I was exhausted by the end of it."

The Mad Men actor recently finished shooting another horror movie Poltergeist, and admitted he had found himself making a lot of supernatural films recently.

Jared said: "It is weird. I've had almost a year and a half when I've done a lot of that stuff.

"The Mortal Instruments was in a similar vein and I played Mephistopheles in The Devil's Violinist.

"The film business, they invest in genres and it's a popular genre and they feel there's some type of risk management in making those types of things. And it has to do with that more than anything else."

The Quiet Ones, co-starring The Hunger Games' Sam Claflin, is released in cinemas on April 10.