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Harris happy to do disaster film

Jared Harris has revealed he relished the opportunity to be in a large-scale movie like Pompeii.

The Mad Men actor plays a morally ambiguous businessman in director Paul WS Anderson's Roman epic and told Collider it's the sort of project he has been keen to tackle.

"I 've always wanted to be in one of these Greek 300 things," he said. "I've been asking Paul if I could please be given a little push during one of these scenes so I end up in the arena with a sword. I'm so close! If someone could just give me a little push in the back."

Jared is a big fan of disaster movies and has enjoyed some of the more challenging scenes.

He said: " There's a lot of toxic flames. There's a time when we're on set and the make-up person puts a thing up your nose. There's so much black stuff that goes up your nose, but I don't think it gets any worse than that. Characters do get mummified in lava."

While it isn't known what happens to his Pompeii alter-ego, the actor has been making a habit of starring in films in which his character gets killed off.

And he joked that his wife Allegra Riggio recently asked when he will do a movie he survives in.

"It's been like five in a row now," said Jared. "Normally death scenes are good, if you have a significant death scene and it means something it's like the audience has an attachment to you being killed that's a good thing. They haven't all been bad guys getting it."

Pompeii, which also stars Kiefer Sutherland and Emily Browning, will be out in 2014.


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