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Hart: I had lots of fun with guns

Kevin Hart has revealed he enjoyed handling big weapons in Ride Along.

The US comedian got to grips with a number of guns in the cop comedy, which also stars rapper-actor Ice Cube.

" It was fun. Any time you get to do what you have never done in life - I've never shot a gun in life - so you get to act out what you've always thought or what you expected or what you wanted to do," he said.

"It was something that was great for the imagination, so I definitely had a lot of fun doing it."

The 34-year-old added: "This was my second movie where I actually got to shoot a gun. The first was Fool's Gold and we were shooting a gun a little bit. In this one, I had the scenes in the shoot-out and the gun range."

Kevin also revealed how he had ridden shotgun alongside a policeman in real life.

" I've been in the front seat because I'm a good guy," he recalled. "'Hey Mr Officer, I'm lost. Can you take me home?' (I'm) in the front seat, you know. I've never had my head pushed down to go in the back."

His co-star Ice Cube joked he didn't need to do any research because he's already experienced real ride alongs.

"In real life, I've been on a few. Nothing for the movie but back in the past, back in the day. It's not fun to be on a ride-along for real, not at all. It's cramped back there, on the back seat," he admitted.

:: Ride Along opens in cinemas on February 28.


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