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Hathaway always quizzed on babies

Anne Hathaway has said her new film has led to her being asked by family, friends and strangers every day whether she will be having a baby soon.

The Les Miserables star voices macaw Jewel again in animated sequel Rio 2 and said that plenty of people were using the storyline of her character becoming a mum to ask her about her own plans for parenthood.

Asked if she often gets questions about baby plans, she said: "Every day. But not just my own family, like everybody asks. On camera, on planes, people kind of want to know that.

"A lot of people want to know if being a mother in this film changed my attitudes towards motherhood, or birds, or anything like that. But truly, I wanted to be a mother since I was 16, but I also just knew that I wanted to have a career as well."

Anne, 31, revealed: "Now I think I'm getting to an age when I don't know exactly when that moment will be, but I think I'm coming upon it.

"My friends have started to have kids and just getting to meet the next generation is pretty moving and awesome, so hopefully I'll be a part of that club soon."

Anne, who won an Oscar for her performance in musical film Les Miserables, also sings in Rio 2 and said she had enjoyed the experience.

She said: "All of the music that's come into my life in the last few years has been a real surprise, but not an unpleasant one, certainly not an unwelcome one.

"Singing's always something I've loved to do but in choirs like everybody does when you're at school. That it's been able to find its way into my movie career when I never ever thought it would has been wonderful.

"When they asked me to be part of this, I just tried to approach it from a place of fun - it was certainly a lot less pressure than Les Mis."

Rio 2 is released in cinemas on April 4.


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