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Hathaway took tequila to Oscars


Anne Hathaway took a secret stash of booze to the Oscars

Anne Hathaway took a secret stash of booze to the Oscars

Anne Hathaway took a secret stash of booze to the Oscars

Anne Hathaway has admitted she took a flask of tequila with her to the Oscars this year.

The actress - who faced a backlash following her own Academy Award win for Les Miserables last year and received bad reviews after hosting the show in 2011 - confessed she wanted to spice things up a bit so sneaked some booze into the awards ceremony.

She said on US TV show Live! With Kelly And Michael: "I guess because I hosted one year - block it out! I have - I've gone through it a couple of times, so this year, I decided to do something a little different. I got a perfect purse-sized flask, which I put tequila in, and I had a great time!

"It was really nice, and it's a great ice-breaker."

Anne, 31, said her hip flask went down a storm with the people she was sitting near to at the glitzy event in March.

"[I shared it]. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was sitting next to me. And Gabourey Sidibe, whom I never met before, but she's so awesome."

The Rio 2 star also revealed she ended up sitting on husband Adam Shulman's lap after a mix-up with fellow actress Penelope Cruz's seat.

She explained: "I was led to my seat by my husband and I stopped in the section that I thought I was sitting in, which was next to my friend Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And they said, 'Oh no, you are sitting in the centre - something happened with Penelope Cruz and you're going to sit in her seat.'

"So I go trying to make my way into the centre of the centre of the centre and there's a beautiful woman wearing pink with her hair up, but she's fully facing away from me and I'm like, 'Shoot. I'm so sorry, I think you are in my seat.' Penelope Cruz turns around.

"We're trapped. And then we hear, 'And we are back in 3, 2, and we see there's one seat. And [Adam] goes, 'What do we do?' And I said, 'Sit down.' So I just sat in his lap."