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Hat-trick reunion for Hawke, Niccol

Ethan Hawke could be reuniting with director Andrew Niccol for the third time.

The Before Midnight star and the New Zealand-born filmmaker are looking to join forces for an as-yet-untitled thriller about a drone pilot, reported Deadline.

The Oscar-nominated actor-writer is rumoured to play a fighter pilot, who becomes a drone pilot based in Las Vegas and fights the Taliban by remote control for 12 hours a day before going home to his family.

"He starts to question his mission, and asking himself if he is creating more terrorists than he is killing in a war seemingly without end," Deadline said.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in February next year.

The pair previously worked together on Gattaca and Lord Of War, and Ethan previously hinted that this film was on the cards in August.

"Andrew Niccol and I are going to do another film together. It's not science-fiction, but everything Andrew does, even Lord Of War and even though it's real, he always has a unique hit on it. He makes normal life seem like science-fiction in some strange way. I'm excited about that," he told Collider.

Ethan, who has just completed filming Cymbeline opposite Dakota Johnson, is also returning to Broadway to play Macbeth in a Lincoln Centre production.


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