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Hayek: Kissing Kevin is awkward

Salma Hayek has revealed her co-star Kevin James is a "really good kisser" but that she felt awkward kissing him in their new film because she's good friends with his wife.

The pair were promoting Here Comes The Boom, which is released in the UK this autumn, at a press conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Kevin, 46, who has three children with actress Steffiana de la Cruz, joked that Salma wanted to use a body double for a scene where they kiss through a fence.

Salma said: "I actually did because I'm really good friends with his wife and I was thinking of the kids."

"He's actually a really good kisser. He does have good lips," she added.

Kevin joked: "I don't want to take this the wrong way because I will leave my family!"

The film sees Kevin playing a biology teacher at a failing high school, who takes up mixed martial arts to raise money for the school's music department, which is in danger of being closed. It also stars Henry Winkler, aka The Fonz, as the music teacher.

Salma revealed she had an inspirational teacher who she stays in touch with: "She said I was special and I was going to do great things in my life."

Kevin, who had to lose weight and train hard for the physically demanding role, admitted he was "horrible" in school, adding: "I wouldn't apply myself."

The duo have worked together previously on the comedy Grown Ups. "That's where we bonded," said Kevin. "When the opportunity to work together again presents itself, you take it."


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