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Hayek: My daughter's proud of me

Salma Hayek has revealed she had to pause for thought before telling her daughter about her role in Puss In Boots.

The actress, who voices tough and streetsmart Kitty Softpaws in the Shrek spin-off movie, admitted her initial concerns about telling all to four-year-old Valentina were soon put aside.

"You know, I was worried about that because it's like telling your child about Santa. She really thinks there are cats there," she told Collider.

"I thought I had some time, but before I could say anything, my character came on in the previews and she said, 'Oh, my gosh, mummy, that cat sounds just like you!' So, I said, 'Well, actually, it is me'. I had to explain to her that it's not real. It's drawings in the computer, and then you talk [for the character]."

She added: "She was confused for a couple of days, but now she's so proud of me."

Salma hopes the role will introduce her to a new generation of audiences.

"I sure hope so! The ones who discovered me a long time ago, don't want to go to the movies any more. I need a new generation, or else I'll die," she joked.


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