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Headey: 300 sequel is rock 'n' roll

Lena Headey has told of her excitement when she realised the 300 sequel was finally going ahead.

The English actress played Queen Gorgo in the first movie in 2007 and while a follow-up was widely discussed, it didn't get the go ahead for a few years.

Talking about how she felt when she heard 300: Rise Of An Empire was to be made, Lena told Collider: "They were like, OK, so we're sending you a script for 300 and I was like, what? I think everybody's dead!

"Uh, is it a zombie movie?

"Which would be awesome... zombies in pants."

She went on: " I was excited to come back and get a chance to play out Leonidas' death in terms of how it affects her."

The movie has now premiered in Hollywood and Lena said it's "pretty amazing" to see the finished product.

"It's a big visceral, kind of chunk of rock 'n' roll movie," she said.

300: Rise Of An Empire also stars Eva Green, Callan Mulvey and Jack O'Connell.


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