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Heigl: I should have bared all

Katherine Heigl has revealed she felt so awkward filming a nude scene in her new movie, she might as well have stripped off completely.

The Knocked Up star plays Plum, a lingerie saleswoman-turned-bounty hunter charged with bringing in her high school flame, in her new film One For The Money.

One scene shows her naked and handcuffed to a shower-curtain rod.

Katherine said: "We spent a lot of time joking around and being silly about it because it is so absurd and there are things you can do to sort of cover the most private bits, I guess, but they almost look worse - the pasties look even more bizarre than if I had just gone for it."

She added: "It was really nerve-racking and I'll tell you what - seeing it on a very, very, very big screen at the premiere, it was a very different experience. I was like, man that was embarrassing. It's a lot of me."

The 33 -year-old actress also revealed becoming a mother to three-year-old daughter Naleigh had changed her perspective on work.

She said: "My career had been my primary focus for a very long time and that's a very self-absorbed path. It's all about me. It's all about what I want. It's all about what I need.

"And having Naleigh in my life has put that all into a perspective that's much more peaceful and much more profound. I feel very blessed, very grateful to have it because I feel like I can breathe.

"When Naleigh is in a room, whatever that special and unique thing that child has puts me in a frame of mind and a place where I like myself better."


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